Baby, I’m a Wild Horse!


A Wild Horse...

I want that one! That strikingly stoic horse out there.

Are you sure? She’s quite the ride!

She can’t be that difficult to tame.

She’s bound to give you one hell of a ride. If you hold on, and slowly let her come to you, and let her remain free, she will in fact be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Easier said than done though...Good luck!

Since we are talking metaphorically let’s stick with this horse for the sake of breaking this down. There’s always that rare horse that you hear about in the pasture that beats to her own drum. The one not easily wanting to follow the rules. She runs wild solo, instead of along side others like her. Very strong willed, and independent when you first come across her. She will buck off anyone trying to go straight for her saddle. Most who try to take her for a ride end up remembering her as this wild horse who they could never tame, but they can’t seem to brush off. They were more interested in their own needs than hers. They wanted her for their ego, not soul.


So what does one do with a wild horse like her?

One must have the patience of a saint. For most, their need for instant gratification to form such a bond, lacking trust & connection leaves them in the dirt. Being patient to let her come around to see you, hear you, trust you, and form a soulful bond allows for her to release some of that edge she has. It’s an ongoing process that isn’t to be taken for granted. She will get close, and want to back away quickly. She will fight you, fearing the worst. She will be ready to run free out in the pasture. The trust has to happen on both sides. You’ll slowly but surely begin to see by letting her run off, and come back that she will show you her undoubtedly loyal heart. Whatever you do don’t ever box her in. The worst thing you can do to a wild horse is box them in. Know her faults, and let her be. She will listen, surrender control, and without even noticing start to trot beside you. She  only connects to only one soul. That’s the only soul she will forever come back to when she veers off too far, or finds herself in trouble. Picking a wild horse out of dozens of domesticated horses is a risk. There’s no guarantees she will connect to your soul, but then again without risk, and the courage to not give up on the first go around she just might be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. She will eventually give in, and let you tame her. She just may call you home. 

Dress: one of my all time favorites from Red Dress Boutique  

Shoes: a classic staple from Michael Kors  



Jennifer Leigh