The power of influence through Blogging and connecting!

WHO SAYS YOU CAN'T CHANGE YOUR LIFE AROUND?  In life we all get detoured at times. We find ourselves in unplanned, and uncharted territory. Getting back on track takes time, and healing on every level. Through my own journey of self love while blogging I was able to connect with others on many levels, and discover my purpose. 

beautiful words & stories by people I have come across the past two years

I've known Jennifer for several years and can't remember a time where her intuition and advice was not spot on correct! Sometimes I want her to be wrong, but that never is the case! She speaks truth, but with the utmost kindness simply because she truly cares about those around her to become better each day and find the best version of themselves possible.  

Jennifer, quite simply, changed my life. She encouraged me and guided me towards my true path. I’m excited for whoever is reading this and who is ready to let her onto their journey. I ensure you that she will provide nothing but positivity to your life.

Well, Jennifer you of all people definitely knew my situations when I was dating someone with bad intentions. You were definitely my devils advocate. You were able to inspire me to see pass the the fog and enlighten me that it wasn’t the end of the world and to move forward, you were my true guidance in my darkest hours. At times I look at your blogs and Instagram which keeps me going, I've been searching sometimes and felt hopeless. At times I’ve even thought of taking my life, yes it’s true I have, it’s so wired but I feel like sometimes you’re sitting on my shoulders, there's always something positive that keeps me going, you are my guru, my inspiration, my mentor, and hostage negotiator.

Jennifer came into my life January 2017.  She watched and observed me in an uncomfortable comfort zone of painful doubt and toxic shame. I went through the blaze' motions of a professional life and doldrums of a personal life; all in the attempts of downplaying myself for whom and what I truly am. I did not have to speak it.  For she intuitively identified what my soul and energy darkly radiated.  A lost soul whom found himself far from passion, joy, and love. Jennifer reminded me of what I had forgotten. That a life of passion, joy, and love are ours for the taking because it is what we inherently are and are meant to be. We are made out of these.  And a life without, is hardly a life at all. She helped me take steps - albeit baby - on a road of healing, acceptance, and being conscious with myself - all of myself. So grateful and joyful that Jennifer's gifts looked at my soul and started the healing process.  It is a process of length for some of us.  And for many, we need another to gently and compassionately guide us along the journey back to light. She has been that light for me; And I thank God for the light I have found in her.  

Jennifer's thoughts have always given me hope and made my day brighter. Her intuitions have made me trust my own intuition. Not to mention they always made sense and gave me a different outlook on my life. So thankful for her. 

I know Jennifer both personally and professionally. It is clear God has gifted her with the ability to understand things beneath the surface, or what I call the supernatural.
She always has an inkling of what’s *really* going on — whether it’s professionally, in a relationship, or just in my life and where I’m at individually. What I love most about her is that 1) she is genuine and 2) she never, ever takes advantage of people with her gift. She is very intentional and leads with love.

Jennifer is a gifted and sensitive person who seeks to bring out the very best in the people in her life. Her kind approach to anyone close to her helps them with developing the most positive parts of themselves. She brings a light into lives of others that leaves them inspired to be a light for others.